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Financial planning is a dynamic process and your financial development needs to be regularly reviewed for changes in your circumstances, economic conditions, government legislation and a range of issues that may impact on your financial wellbeing.

No plan should be ‘set and forget’. To ensure our advice remains appropriate and continues to meet your changing personal needs and financial situation, we recommend regular reviews.

Your McCormack Financial Services Adviser will offer an ongoing review service based around your needs and which includes:

• Annual review of your situation to ensure needs and objectives are being met by your investment portfolio and financial strategy. We will monitor your progress to ensure you are on target to achieve your financial objectives.
• Being available for regular consultation via phone and email.
• Providing you with information, technical advice and recommendations when there are significant changes in personal and financial circumstances.
• The ongoing monitoring of your portfolio and relevant recommendations based on changes in economic conditions, investment manager circumstances, opportunity, investment risk and financial strategy.
• Detailed half yearly and annual investment reports including portfolio valuation, performance of assets and transaction summary.
• Quarterly market commentary and newsletter.