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Superannuation (super) is designed to help you save and invest for your retirement.

Your Superannuation can open your money to a world of investments and help you unlock your retirement dreams. The team at McCormack Financial Services wants to help you understand it, know it, grow it and manage it, so when it comes time to access it, your retirement will be as rich as you want it to be.

Making decisions about your Super isn’t always easy. Today there is more choice and flexibility than ever before. Money in super is taxed in different ways to your other investments. It’s designed to reward you for investing for the long term. When it comes to investing over the long term, there aren’t many better tax-effective ways to save for your retirement.

Super can also offer competitive insurance. Your insurance premiums, which are part of your super contributions, may be paid from your pre-tax salary, which is a tax-effective way to enjoy the protection you and your family need.

Why do I need to assess my Super?

• Our population is ageing rapidly and the aged pension will not be enough.
• Super is compulsory for employees. Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contributions were introduced to help us take control of our retirement.
• The AMP Superannuation Adequacy Index (June 2009) found that more than 40% of workers – more than four million people – will not have enough money in retirement.
• SG contributions over 40 years will provide you with just over half of your pre-retirement income. Will this be enough?

As of the 4 July 2011 the total amount of lost superannuation hit $18.8 billion (2010-2011 ATO Annual Report). Super becomes lost when you change name, change jobs, move house etc.

At McCormack Financial Services want to help dealing with your superannuation as easy as possible. We can help you:
• Find any Lost Super you might have.
• Consolidate your super funds and help you save on multiple fees
• Explore the benefits of salary sacrifice and other super strategies
• Ensure you and your family are adequately insured (through your super)
• Determine whether a self-managed super fund could be right for you

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