November/ Spring 2018

Welcome to our Spring Newsletter.

It’s been a tough start to the new financial year with global markets retreating. We all

received solid returns for the 2017/18 FY and the new year started well, however since

August it’s been a wild ride. There has been much discussion over what is driving the

markets at present, i.e, US interest rates, their midterm elections, trade wars, European

politics to name but a few but I suspect it’s a combination of all and/or some of these

issues. The one positive we are hanging on to is, since 1946 US shares have rallied in

the 12 months after all midterm elections. As always, if you have any concerns or queries

please give us a call to discuss.

For those that haven’t received their 2019 diaries yet we still have plenty at the office so

feel free to call in and pick one up or give us a call and we can send it out to you.

Our resident “Christmas Countdown Queen” (Fran) reminds us daily how many days to

Christmas (at the time of writing it’s 40 days) so if we don’t see you or speak with you

before hand, from myself and all the staff we wish you and your family a safe and happy


Take care

Rod and staff.

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